Installing a lift can be overwhelming, and we want to help you make the right choice. These are the most common questions Jamie is asked, but if your question isn’t here, please get in touch so we can help.
E-Lift specialises in adding lifts to existing buildings and can advise you on what’s possible. This requires a thorough and concise plan, from determining the best and most cost-efficient location to customising the elevator size and function to your needs. At E-Lift, we ensure that all parties are aware of the costs and process from start to finish to alleviate any nasty surprises along the way.

Including a lift to a new build is always the most economical time to have the lift supplied and installed. This way, the build has catered for the space the lift needs, its electrical requirements and the building works are completed step by step with the build's progress. If your builder would like more information, please feel free to get them to contact Jamie on 0421 324 117.

Ensuring the lift meets Australian safety standards compliant to AS1735/18 for residential buildings and EN81-20/50 for commercial properties. Each lift company must have each lift registered with work safe ensuring the product is installed to the highest safety compliance.
Our lifts' ability to accommodate a wheelchair depends on the internal lift shaft space available. The minimum cabin size to fit a wheelchair is 900mm wide x 1300mm deep, which requires an internal lift shaft size of 1400mm wide x 1450mm deep.

From the deposit paid for the lift to installation and handover, the timing can vary depending on a range of factors. With a smooth process, we can expect the following: 2 weeks before site-specific drawings are drawn up, once these are signed confirming the details, the lift will enter manufacturing for approximately eight weeks. We will then be booking the lift onto the first available ship to transit to Australia, which currently takes an average of 10-13 weeks. Once the lift arrives and the site is ready for installation, we require approximately 1-2 weeks for installation, depending on the complexity and progress of the build itself.

Our ranges start from $47,000.00 + GST to $58,000.00 + GST. Pricing depends on customisable features, size, heights and total stops.

Each lift requires regular maintenance depending on the type and uses of the elevator. E-Lift is happy to discuss service and maintenance options as per your preference. Please contact Jamie to discuss the current quarterly, half yearly, and yearly service prices.

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